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Change Avatar Size

The wp_list_comments function has a parameter to change the default (48px) size to anywhere between …

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Display Author Info

The image that shows for the author comes from the email address set for that user which goes to a …

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Remove WP Generator Meta Tag

It can be considered a security risk to make your wordpress version visible and public you should …

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Array of Country Names

This will save you time, now you do not need to write all country names.

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Clear Field on Focus

Replace "value" with the default value. If the field is selected, the default value will go away …

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Format Currency

This function will round numbers to two decimal places, and ensure that the returned value has two …

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Strip Whitespace From String

Whitespace, meaning tabs and spaces.

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Convert HEX to RGB

Give function hex code (e.g. #eeeeee), returns array of RGB values.

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Get Width/Height of Image

If all you have for an image is the URL, you can still find the dimensions.